Tuesday, June 24, 2014

Transformation Tuesdays Week 25

My body and I were in a fight last week. It's going on this week too a bit but I'm going to get over that bump in the road now! I explained it in my 30 Day Shred Day #1 Again post, but I'll put it here too. I have PCOS. (Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome) It sucks. A lot. I take medicine to keep myself "regular" but there are times my body decides to do other things still. Or I being stupid don't take my medicine when I'm supposed to and forget to get the refill until 2 weeks after.....meaning basically 2 in 1...... so in some ways this is my fault. BUT my kids made me work out yesterday and instead of in a bad mood, I started to get in a better mood :) I am hoping this week brings some great transformations for myself both physically and mentally!

Personal Goals Last Week:

  • Write 10 Posts Will be better this week! :)
  • Daily Devotional 5x Main Goal/Focus This Week!
  • Track Food 7x Missed Saturday evening....not a good weekend!
  • 4 Days Under Calories  Right at!
  • Work Out 4x This Week  Barely!
  • Read Two Books Just One.......it's been a week!
  • Take Kids To Library Ran out of time :( AND kids not good on story day so missed that too!
  • Don't Weigh In Until Next Tuesday! ONLY 2 EXTRA TIMES! GETTING THERE!
  • Drink 72 oz a Day (especially needed on work out days!)
  • Clean Kitchen AND Dining Room/Computer Desk Think this week will be better to finish!
Personal Goals This Week:

  • Write 10 Posts
  • Daily Devotional 5x
  • Track Food 7x
  • 5 Days Under Calories
  • Work Out 5x This Week
  • Read One Book
  • Take Kids To Library
  • Don't Weigh In Until Next Tuesday!
  • Drink 72 oz a Day (especially needed on work out days!)
  • Clean Kitchen AND Dining Room/Computer Desk 

Starting (January 7) : 278.4 lbs
Week 2 (Jan 14): 279.0 lbs
Week 3 (Jan 21): 280.8 lbs
Week 4 (Jan 28): 278.8 lbs
Week 9 (Mar 4): 281.4 lbs
Week 16(Apr 22): 285.8 lbs
Week 20(May 20): 281.4 lbs
Week 21(May 21): 281.4 lbs
Week 22 (June 3): 283.0 lbs
Week 23(June 10: 283.2 lbs
Week 24(June 17) 282.6 lbs
Week 25(June 24): 282.0 lbs

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