Tuesday, June 24, 2014

+1 Pancake Mastery

So we had some leftover waffle mix from the weekend and it pours and flows much smoother than standard pancake mix. You don't get as many of the weird ridges you do with pancake batter thats a bit thicker. While we like waffles the kids usually want pancakes and I have slowly been getting better at my pouring techniques. I think I'm really hitting my stride now.

 Lately they have been asking for dinosaur pancakes. If I pour right they are usually in pretty good proportion.

 Had to make this one for bubba, he didn't want a pancake until it was a batman pancake.
 My signature pancake :)
 Finally the nice batter gave me some ideas and I was able to to make this baby.
 Which flips over to be...an Arc Reactor!!!

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