Friday, August 16, 2013

If you dont feel better, go back!!

So Monday I was at the doctors. Tuesday my fever was 102.6 and would not go away. By 2pm Wednesday I went back in. Chest Xray done. I have pnuemonia! So now I'm in the hospital until Sunday or Monday but really hope sooner! If you dont take care of it, this might be your view too. and it sucks BAD!

Monday, August 12, 2013

Sickness Sucks!

I can handle a lot I really can. But when I get sick, I get whinny and not someone to be around. Right now I am waiting to see the doctor. It takes a lot for me to break down amd go to the doctor. This time its a fever that just wont go away. Worse than a fever that wont go away? Seeing the doctor! I always feel that if I wasnt sick before, I will be sick now! People coughing all around (whats up with all these colds in the summer????) A few people looking terrible and here I am not looking like anything is wrong. Hopefully they will help me to stop the hot/cold flashes I am going through. I also hope I dont catch anything else!

What do you do to keep healthy? What do you do to keep yourseld from going to the doctor when sick?

Wednesday, August 7, 2013

Easy Canvas Prints Review

I love entering contests, I really do! You never know what surprise you can get. I mean, someone has to win right? Well, I had entered a few different blogs to win a free canvas print. To my surprise, I received an email a couple weeks ago. I was asked to review a canvas print! A great surprise indeed!

I ordered my canvas print on July 29th. I received it in the mail yesterday, August 6th. To me, that's pretty quick turn around!

It came by Fedex and the guy was nice enough to actually put it down nicely compared to the usual drop I hear from other companies!

So excited to open it up!!!

I love how Easy Canvas Prints even took the time to package it nicely so that it wouldn't be damaged! 

So excited to see the finished product!

Our living room doesn't have much light so it looks a bit darker, but it is perfect!!

I also loved that I had the option to either put a border around the canvas or to have the image wrap around! I was very impressed with the canvas and the easy process it took to make it! 

I really recommend Easy Canvas Prints! I know what I am going to do for Christmas this year! Right now they are having 25% off their canvas prints with free shipping! You can also sign up for exclusive deals!

*Disclaimer: I received a free canvas print from Easy Canvas Prints in return for a review. All thoughts and opinions are my own.

Monday, August 5, 2013

Storm Part 2

So, on July 23rd we had a bad storm that dumped lots of hail on us including some baseball size! Well, on Sunday we had another huge storm. This time, it was the rain. All over town in about an hour there was between 4-8 inches of rain dropped! I had just gotten home from my race at midnight when it started down pouring. We went outside at 2am and this is what we found!
That is our sidewalk under water!

And that is coming up into the yard

And yea, thats our street. Completely flooded!

The whole town looked like this or WORSE! We got lucky that this is worst we got. The ditch in the middle of the road by us was completely full. My friend's block was half way up to their house. Many cars were stalled in the water and many people couldn't get out of their houses. It was down by the time morning came for us but for other areas it was still like this. The big issue right now is that rain is in the forecast almost every day this week again. I'm afraid of what will happen but its out of my hands. I can say this was a once in a life time instance and I hope we don't have much more rain for a while!

Glow Run Fun!

This weekend, I got to do another 5K! I convinced a friend to go with me since my other friend had a conflict. We arrived just in time to get a bit rained on but got to hang out inside the ice rink to stay dry. It sprinkled on and off and then finally downpoured on us the last little bit of the race, but WE DID IT!! It was her first race ever and I think I got her hooked now!

The Mass Amount Of People! There were over 4,300 people for all the fun!

Starting Line

Me, Goofing off! They had a lot of black light spots and music the whole course

Here, they had these huge black light tents! I was dancing and having fun!

Here is the finish line!

You can see the rain drops on me! But we finished and had a blast!

My friend is in a squat challenge for the month.....she hadn't done her squats for the day so instead she squatted and picked up a lot of glow sticks! Next year, I'm going to bring a sack to collect them in!

Yup! I was excited and a bit goofy!

And this is its resting place for now! Looks so good! Hopefully I can get my motivational board stronger and bigger to put it on there and make it look all awesome!

This is my motivational board so far! I am hoping to get another one to put next to it and have it be more permanent when we move to a different house!