Monday, June 23, 2014

30 Day Shred Day #1.....Again

Well, I can throw every excuse out there but I didn't do 30 Day Shred from Thursday until today. One reason, being a woman the wonderful time of the month comes and for me having PCOS, sometimes there is no issues and it comes and goes. But about every 3-4 cycles, they are like this. I am knocked down and in bed for at least a day, most the time two. I feel like I could just die and I would die from a head ache, cramps, biting people's heads off, crying so much I can't breathe. My poor family had to deal with it this week. I have been in a major depression that just has gotten worse and worse waiting for a week for the storm to finally hit. Yesterday I spent most of the day in bed that I could. I got a nap in, meds in, and my WONDERFUL husband came back from the store with the cure for all!!!

Now back in the day, I could have ate all this in one setting....and a pan of brownies....and some ice cream...with hot fudge! BUT I had him get me some fun size. And he got me a couple of the full size Kit Kats because he is awesome like that! I have more than half of that left for the rest of the week to get my "fix" in. In fact today I had on full Kit Kat bar. Am I mad at myself? HECK NO! I wanted it! I wasn't going to work out but because my kids started it and said they wanted mommy to exercise, I had no excuse not to. So, with that I can be even happier about that Kit Kat bar. First, I worked off enough calories from my workout to be a bit more than that wonderful chocolate goodness. Second, I didn't throw it up!!! Jillian Michaels workouts are hard and there are many times  I think I could faint or puke but so far so good and today was fine too! Last, I started it again. I showed myself that I can feel MAJORLY bad and sick and could curl back up in that ball in bed but instead I worked out. I SERIOUSLY worked out, not my usual go swim a few laps to feel the stretch. I might still do that tonight but I think now that I did this, I will go get a fun size 100 Grand and eat it happily knowing I am getting my life back on track :)

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