Tuesday, January 7, 2014

Transformation Tuesdays: Week 1

I keep seeing people post different kinds of transformations and think that's a great idea. I have decided that I am going to do this once a week I to keep track of my weight loss journey! This being the first week for it, I figured I would share a beginning picture and then a more recent one, that way you can see where I have come from and where I am going.

This is my before..... yea, I still have it and keep it so I can see where I have came from. This picture was taken April 2011. Almost 3 years ago. I was 26. I decided I couldn't leave like that anymore. We decided the best the for me was to have reduction surgery. I do not recommend it as a fast fix. I was 300 lbs here, the heaviest I ever had been. Even after the reduction I was still 285 lbs. I did it for the fact that I was so "front heavy" that I couldn't stand for more than 5 minutes. I couldn't walk far at all. The surgeon said even being so big they would only remove about 5 lbs. Nope, she was wrong! It was over 35 lbs she removed. I think I hold the record! No wonder I couldn't do anything! And of course I told myself this was the beginning, I will lose weight now and be great. Well, here we are almost 3 years later and I'm saying it again. 

This is a picture of me when I first was starting my work out routine and better healthy lifestyle. It did great and I was happy. I was losing inches and was feeling better with myself. Then, I got sick. I didn't just get sick I got VERY sick. I was stick in the hospital with pneumonia for a week. It was NOT fun and I have found myself being sick all the time since then. I would go maybe 3-5 days without being sick. I can tell my immune system is getting better as I haven't caught the last cold the kids had. The last time I have been sick right now was the flu on December 19th. *KNOCKING ON WOOD!!!* 

Trying not to be stereotypical, my husband and I have decided to lose weight together. We decided December 31st was it. That was when we would start. It's been a week and I can tell you I feel like I have been eating less. I am eating better too. The main issue I am having is of course the evening time. I just want to snack all the time. I think now that the kids are back in school, I will want to go to bed sooner and then that will keep me from eating like I have been!

I made it to the gym for the first time in 5-6 months! I was so proud of myself! Last week I decided to give myself a deadline. I had 4 days to get to the gym. So, on Friday I finally went. It felt great! I got on the elliptical and went .5 miles in 7:43 minutes. I decided that was great and didn't want to push myself. I tried to go and walk and do some water aerobics but it being free swim on a Friday, that's when I guess parents send their unsupervised kids and a young boy decided his mission was to ask as many questions as he could to me and then to cannon ball in front of me the whole time. I lasted 5 minutes before I decided to just go to the whirlpool. Oh my goodness that was a great idea! No one was in the area and I could just relax and stretch out for 10 minutes. 

My issue with the gym is I have a lot of activities in the afternoon/evenings. I also don't have the money to try and take the kids with me and don't want to leave them all the time with the hubby as that is just mean in my opinion! Also, they don't seem to have the best hours to work with a schedule to go to the gym with kids either. Hopefully I will figure something out. I know I could work out at home, but then comes in the kids and them bugging me! 

So, goals that I have right now for my weight loss journey:
  • Start to eat better/keep tracking (I track on myfitnesspal user name yo8798 if you want to follow!)
  • Try to work out 3 times a week (so that I don't overdo it)
  • Keep up with no carbonated drinks (I am 15 months pop free!)
  • Only weigh myself on Tuesday mornings for this post! (so I don't drive myself crazy! I get obsessed very easily to the weight of the scale)
  • Don't beat myself up if I do eat bad (it could be worse! I need to remember I'm human and certain times of the month you DO NEED CHOCOLATE!)
  • Do not eat out! (Getting back on my freezer meal kick, then there are NO excuses!)

So there you go, the start of this journey, again. Will I fall? Yes. Will I do great? Yes. Will I give up? Yes but then I have to get back on track again. I need to do this not only for my own health but for my kids!

So for the record, here it is out for the whole world to see!!!
Starting Weight (January 7, 2014): 278.4 lbs

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