Wednesday, January 1, 2014

New Year To A New Me!

Yup, I am DONE making excuses. I say this every year and I mean it every year. This year, it's different. I have done a lot in the last year, the good (doing 6 5Ks!), the bad (A week in the hospital with pneumonia is the top of my list!) and the new beginnings of a new chapter of my life (turning *eek* 30!) In reflecting, I have tried and tried this last week to sit down and make a list of goals for all over my life. I have not been doing it like I should of course! So now instead, I will just put it out there for all to see. Hopefully this will keep me even more accountable. I hope I can look back at the end of 2014 and say WOW, look where I have come!

My Blog Goals For 2014:

  • Make My Blog More Successful
  • Post More Recipes On The Blog
  • Makes More Posts A Week And NOT Skip A Week!
  • Start Posting On My Weight Loss Journey More Frequently
  • Make The "Geek" Post More Often

My Personal Goals For 2014:
  • Set Up An Emergency Fund
  • Be More Frugal In Finances
  • Eat At Home Often!
  • Work On Weight Loss/Getting My Life Back In Order
  • Go To Colorado For Vacation (hey, the mountains are calling!)

The Geek's Goals For 2014: (As Interpreted Through Me)
  • Get Into Better Shape
  • Get Tons of Certifications For Computer Thingys (This is like half a page of his stuff and so this is what I see compared to what he has written out!!! LOL)
The Kid's Goals For 2014:
  • Potty Train The Lil Dude
  • Sweetheart To Go To Princess' School
  • Princess To Read And Go To First Grade

Happy New Year To You! 2014 Is Going To Be A Great Year! How Are You Celebrating? Are You Setting Any Goals?

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