Monday, August 5, 2013

Storm Part 2

So, on July 23rd we had a bad storm that dumped lots of hail on us including some baseball size! Well, on Sunday we had another huge storm. This time, it was the rain. All over town in about an hour there was between 4-8 inches of rain dropped! I had just gotten home from my race at midnight when it started down pouring. We went outside at 2am and this is what we found!
That is our sidewalk under water!

And that is coming up into the yard

And yea, thats our street. Completely flooded!

The whole town looked like this or WORSE! We got lucky that this is worst we got. The ditch in the middle of the road by us was completely full. My friend's block was half way up to their house. Many cars were stalled in the water and many people couldn't get out of their houses. It was down by the time morning came for us but for other areas it was still like this. The big issue right now is that rain is in the forecast almost every day this week again. I'm afraid of what will happen but its out of my hands. I can say this was a once in a life time instance and I hope we don't have much more rain for a while!

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