Monday, August 5, 2013

Glow Run Fun!

This weekend, I got to do another 5K! I convinced a friend to go with me since my other friend had a conflict. We arrived just in time to get a bit rained on but got to hang out inside the ice rink to stay dry. It sprinkled on and off and then finally downpoured on us the last little bit of the race, but WE DID IT!! It was her first race ever and I think I got her hooked now!

The Mass Amount Of People! There were over 4,300 people for all the fun!

Starting Line

Me, Goofing off! They had a lot of black light spots and music the whole course

Here, they had these huge black light tents! I was dancing and having fun!

Here is the finish line!

You can see the rain drops on me! But we finished and had a blast!

My friend is in a squat challenge for the month.....she hadn't done her squats for the day so instead she squatted and picked up a lot of glow sticks! Next year, I'm going to bring a sack to collect them in!

Yup! I was excited and a bit goofy!

And this is its resting place for now! Looks so good! Hopefully I can get my motivational board stronger and bigger to put it on there and make it look all awesome!

This is my motivational board so far! I am hoping to get another one to put next to it and have it be more permanent when we move to a different house!

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