Thursday, July 4, 2013

So Far My 30 Before 30 List....

So Far I have Done:

Do a 5K (5 of them so far!)
Second holes in ears
Run for school board

Run for Policy Council (I was on it!)
Learn to cook something new (have been enjoying this one!)
Dirty Girl Race ~ cancelled :(
Read a book a month (enjoying this one too!)
Slumber party with kids (done one, have another wonderful one set up for next weekend while daddy is at Men's Encounter!)
Wichita Grand Opera's "Don Pasquale"
Take a cooking class
Random Act of Kindness (I try to do this as often as possible!)

Left on list to do (I may be saying list to do before I'm 31 now since there's less than 3 months now!)
Go to Sea World
Go to Colorado
Be 200 lbs
Get a passport
Complete couch to 5k
Go ice skating
Go to a concert
Finish one of my stories
Read the whole Bible
Weekend away just John
Get professional pics taken
Watch The Godfather
Learn to play chess
Learn Spanish
Date night at the Warren Balcony
Find all pineapples in Psych (working on it!)
Take a train ride
Go to the dentist
Have a 30th Bday party!!!

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