Wednesday, July 24, 2013


Living in Kansas, we have a lot of storms. A lot more than I would like to think of! I am VERY afraid of storms because of tornadoes. We have been fortunate enough not to have had any! Last night we were at a meeting and it was cut short. The clouds were pretty dark and they had called dispatch and they told them there was baseball size hail! So, we grabbed the kids and headed home. It rained hard and lots of wind. Half way home, the radio was saying the hail was more south of our house so had the hubby slow down just in case. We pulled into the drive and there was hail EVERYWHERE! We got lucky! I jumped out of the car, and this is what I found!

It melted a bit but this one was about tennis ball/baseball size. The news had pictures submitted and all over town they were like this! The kids collected their own hail balls and threw them into the freezer!

Please excuse the mess of the freezer! This goes to show all the different sizes from the storm! It is the worst I have seen anyways as far as hail. There is a lot of damage around the town. There was a car dealership that lost its roof. Our local Wal-Mart started to flood because the hail broke their sky lights. The hospital seems to have gotten the worst of it. The hail broke a lot of the windows on the north side. A lot of the cars in the parking lot were destroyed so bad. They were saying some of the hail they saw was dinner plate size! Just insane! Hopefully as clean up starts today, everything will be fine and there will still be no injuries.

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