Friday, July 19, 2013

Another Off The Bucket List

My husband helped me with my latest bucket list item. I said I would go to the dentist. Well, he had an appointment Monday and got me one for Wednesday........I went. I didn't want to. It was really not something I wanted to do. I haven't been to the dentist in 4 years. I hate dentists. All dentists. I went though. LOTS of X Rays and a cleaning later we set out a plan of what to do to fix my teeth.

So, first was to get 2 fillings done. When I last got my teeth worked on, I had a root canal and crown put on. When the last dentist did that, he either chipped or weakened my tooth behind it and it chipped. I have dealt with that for 4 years and it has just gotten worse. Well now its fine again after the fillings were done. They know me so well there already! Appointment was supposed to be July 31st, I went the next day on Thursday, the day AFTER I got my cleaning done. Next up is a root canal. NOT looking forward to that one at all. I can tell they know it too. THAT appointment was supposed to be July 30th.....its now Monday, July 22nd.

Yes, I know I am complaining. My poor husband is dealing with me moping around and being upset with him. I know I will get to a point where I will be happy and nice again. But right now, my mouth hurts. I have to start habits of brushing my teeth every day, more than once a day. I know, sounds gross, but I could go a while without brushing. I would brush before I went out of the house.....that's about it. Sometimes I wouldn't even do that. When you have kids, most things you do to keep yourself looking good and healthy goes out the window. I now am going to be making time for ME! I am going to make sure I don't get this bad again with my teeth. I have about 1-2 more years of torture from the dentist office before I will be able to just go for a cleaning and hope not to have a cavity!

So, from this experience, word of advice.........BRUSH YOUR TEETH!

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