Monday, October 8, 2012

Weight Loss!!!

I am working hard at losing all this weight I have put on over the past 10 years. Life gets away from you and I know I have all kinds of excuses to use, but no more!

The last few months I have been going back and forth on it. I finally got put back on some medication to help with my depression and I think that is one thing that is helping me. I am finally able to get up in the morning after a good night's sleep. I am finally able to function and WANT to be up and doing things. I have also fallen in love with swimming and zumba! Two great things to get started on! I am trying to do something new at least once a month too. Tonight I am going to try the Boot Camp they do at the YMCA. I'm a bit freaked out but I know I will rock it as best as I can! 

When I started my weight journey, I weighed in at 292.4 lbs! That is WAY too much for someone my size to weigh!  I know I would love to be 150-160 lbs like the charts say, but I am sure that just wont happen. I know I felt comfortable at 180 lbs and I know this time around I will be the healthiest I have ever been. At the moment, I am keeping my goal of 165 lbs and will just go from there. Either way, I am getting healthy for me and my family.

This is my jar I started a year ago that just sat there. Nothing was really added or taken away. As they say, if you would have started when you said you would, you would be done now. I am sure I would be looking and feeling so much better than I am but I know now is the best time and I can start to see the differences in my look and the way I feel. I am definitely starting to feel more confident!

The difference in these pictures are August 27, 2012 to October 8, 2012

I know I am going to have my husband start taking my pictures once a month so I will look better in them then what the gym ones look like, but at that time, that was my first time in the gym to work out and I didn't feel like him taking my picture! Now I am getting more excited for my picture! We will see what next month holds for me in the weight loss department!

Starting: 292.4 lbs
Current: 277.0 lbs
Loss of: 15.4 lbs!


  1. Woohoo! Way to go, you are inspiring me to loose weight also! Subscribed to your blog :)

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