Friday, October 12, 2012

Halloween Costume in Progress

So this year my girls decided they want to be fairy princess kitties. They keep going back and forth on EXACTLY what they want to be but for the most part they want to have wings. I went to Kohl's with my $10 off gift cards I got in the mail and found a cute shirt and some cute leggings. The nice thing is they can wear these whenever they want and have already been wearing them. My next task right now is the tutu. I am almost done with one. I need to make sure I have enough tulle to make the second one. This is what it looks like though! Let me know what you think!!!

My lil sweetheart modeling it for me!

Close up of it, the colors she picked were green, black, light blue, light purple and light pink! I think its turning out a lot better than I thought it could be!

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