Thursday, December 22, 2011

Hodgson Mill

Just received my goodies from Hodgson Mill! I had won a gift certificate for $25 worth of goodies. The one thing that gets to me on some of these giveaways is that you don't know whether you have to spend all the money or you can use it to pay shipping. In this case, I had to get $25 of items and shipping was NOT included. I was okay with it since I have been wanting to get some Hodgson Mill things after seeing the post anyways!!! Here is what I got!

Sweet cornbread mix, 2 - 2 lb whole wheat best for bread flour, Whole wheat pancake mix, onion ring batter mix, mushroom batter mix and 3 - 6 oz dehydrated blueberries

I can't wait to try them all!!! The kids and I have already tried the blueberries, VERY glad I got 3 of them as we have eaten about half of one so far!!

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