Thursday, December 15, 2011

Oh my!

I have been thinking of posting, I really have! It's so strange how fast your days go by with 3 kids under 3. At the same time, it is so slow too! They have been keeping me busy like crazy the last few days so the posting I want to try and do once a day doesn't seem to happen :(

Mymy has decided she is a big girl and has been even more independent this week. She is acting like a teacher and a mommy to her sister a lot of the days lately. She has "grown up" conversations with us and has been asking more and more questions about different things just out of the blue! Its been so great to see how much she is growing and makes me sad to know in less than a month she is going to be 4!

Lil Miss thinks she is as old as Mymy! She has been trying to do everything her sister does. We can't believe how much her vocabulary has changed in the last few weeks. She is saying so many more words and asking her share of questions. Monday evening, she decided she was "potty training" herself by just taking off her diaper and wearing her sister's underwear. She keeps going to the same spot and peeing though so that ended pretty fast. She is getting ready but I rather wait until she is more completely ready so its not as much as struggle. I can't believe how much she has grown in the last few months either! She is out of a lot of her "baby" clothes and gets so upset that she can't wear her onesies anymore.

Lil Sir has been a BRAT!!! He thinks he can do anything and everything like his sisters. He has been climbing EVERYTHING! His favorite of course is onto the dining room table. Many times a day, he will pull the chair out and climb up and be on the table before I even have time to get to him! He has been talking like crazy too! Of course, you can't understand what he is saying but he is all talk and makes you think you know what he is saying. I can't believe how much he is doing anymore either. He is following simple directions and will do so much more than my baby should be doing!!!! I want him to be my baby!!

Lil Sir is the only one taking naps still, as the other two have completely dropped theirs. Makes it a bit hard to get things done but its interesting to have time alone with just my girls so I won't complain. They are my loves :)

Well, I am going to try harder and harder to post at least once a day. I need to take more pictures too as I seem to never have my camera on me anymore like I used to!!

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