Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Batter Blaster Review

I have always wanted to try the Batter Blaster. Just the thought that it comes in a can and I don't have to deal with making it or a mess AND I mean it comes out of a can!!! LOL The price though was a bit too much to me to try. The cheapest I have found it was $4.79. Well, I won a free coupon to try it in a recent giveaway so I was so excited!! We decided today was a perfect day for pancakes so I went ahead and gave them a try!

To make the pancakes, you shake the can upside very well. Then you spray it onto your cooking surface. The first one to me was very weird because it was like putting whipped cream onto my griddle!!!

It didn't take it too long to form into a nice looking pancake though!

After I flipped it, it really started to look like a pancake! I couldn't believe how nice they looked!

They look even better with sausage and syrup!!

My disappointment in it was that it didn't seem to fluff up as much as my regular pancakes do. They were pretty thin but they were still airy and not tough or dense. The can says it makes around 28 4" pancakes. I didn't keep count but I know that the one can was enough to feed all five of us! The kids seemed to love it! Because of it being in the can, it was a bit easier to make shapes and designs. I think if it is a special holiday or celebration, we might buy another can just for the kids to enjoy.

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