Tuesday, October 14, 2014

Transformation Tuesdays Week 42

Well, I totally fell off the wagon. I let myself do whatever I wanted. I got in a major funk. There is so much I could say and so many excuses, but I'm just going to put that behind myself right now. I have been working on my eating this week and so far been doing much better. I'll start adding a goal or two in there too but for right now, I am just going to try and take it a day at a time, a meal at a time because that is where I have to be. Everyone has to start somewhere right?

Starting (January 7) : 278.4 lbs
Week 2 (Jan 14): 279.0 lbs
Week 3 (Jan 21): 280.8 lbs
Week 4 (Jan 28): 278.8 lbs
Week 9 (Mar 4): 281.4 lbs
Week 16(Apr 22): 285.8 lbs
Week 20(May 20): 281.4 lbs
Week 21(May 21): 281.4 lbs
Week 22 (June 3): 283.0 lbs
Week 23(June 10: 283.2 lbs
Week 24(June 17) 282.6 lbs
Week 25(June 24): 282.0 lbs
Week 26(July 1): 281.2 lbs
Week 27(July 8): 280.4 lbs
Week 42: 275.0 lbs

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