Sunday, October 19, 2014

My Week Fun

This week has's the word we will use for it. It started with kids having the stomach bug Monday to me and the last of the munkins getting it Thursday. I started planning my freezer meals over the week and started on Wednesday with the shopping. I was able to get about 2 meals done before church time and then was planning on finishing up on Thursday. That's when I was knocked down and out. It was crazy to see my kids suffer and be done in 12 hours what took me about 36 hours to get over. KIDS! Plans got changed so I didn't get to do my freezer meals with my friend because of all the sickness BUT the hubby and I were able to finish off the rest of my list on Saturday before any of the meat went bad! I had to scratch off a couple of things from my list that I hoped I wouldn't have to BUT after Saturday we had 25 meals! I was so excited about that! The cost was around $250 give or take (don't have the receipts and we did stock up on spices and other needs for the house too.) 

What I look forward the most for the next 30 days? Basically just cooking out of the crockpot or stove without much work on my part now! I am hoping to post a few of my freezer meal recipes with you in the next few weeks! I hope you enjoy!

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