Thursday, July 3, 2014

Squish: Mickey Mouse Clayhouse App For iOS Review!

Looking for some summer fun that pushes the limits of your child’s creativity and imagination? Last week, Disney Publishing unveiled “Squish: Mickey Mouse Clayhouse,” the next app in its growing collection of creativity-based apps where children and families can sculpt and squish anything your imagination can dream up!

Squish: Mickey Mouse Clayhouse” invites kids to stretch, push, and pull clay to make Mickey or Minnie, or start from scratch with dozens of fun clay shapes from the Mickey Mouse Clubhouse universe. Once finished, you can twist, inflate, and melt your creation using fun and unique Squishers. 

Additional features include: 

• 3D clay molds of Mickey and Minnie with easy-to-use sculpting tools
• Character molds and shapes that help little ones make their favorite characters from the show
• Unique Squishers: the “Twisterator,” the “Melter,” and the “Inflaterator” 
• Kids can save their clay creations to the Gallery to show-off to their family and friends

My kids LOVE it. It is like them playing with playdoh but not getting the mess all over the table! It was kind of hard at first to get the hang of it as there is no real tutorial but the kids caught on quickly. I also love that there are parental controls on it so that unless they are older and can read the number words, they shouldn't be able to get into the "grown ups only" area. 

My son was the first to try it. He says it's awesome! He got to make his own Mickey Mouse and then personalize it to his liking! He then proceeded to blow it up!

My lil sweetheart thought it was fun to get to make her own shapes. She took a circle shape and then dressed it up with some sunglasses, hair bow, and guitar and then stretched it out to make it go in all sorts of directions! Her choice to "destroy" her creation was to put it in a tube and twist it until it popped and fell out of the tube! 

Overall I say this is a great app for younger kids. There isn't much to it so they will be able to pick it up fairly easy. They also will enjoy being able to make their own creations and destroy it! Moms will love it as they are playing this on their phone and not in real life! I know for me, playdoh is fun in the house but I really do not like the mess that it leaves behind!

*Disclaimer: I received Squish: Mickey Mouse Clayhouse in return for a review. All views and opinions are my own. 

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