Monday, July 7, 2014

Day 15 Of 30 Day Shred.....Half Way!

Yay! I am now half way through my 30 Day Shred challenge! I did miss a couple days over the weekend as we were out of town. I made up for it in some of the hard work I was doing I think! Then I really got back into it yesterday as it was day 15! Things I have noticed.....
1) I don't take a good picture of myself!


2) I am not sweating as bad! I used to start sweating right away, now I can get to almost Round #3 before I start a downpour!
3) I do not have to "rest" like I did in the beginning!
4) I do have more endurance as she makes note of! I ran with my son for a short distance and wasn't completely winded and done with the day! I actually felt invigorated! 
5) I feel better about doing the workout! It's something I feel better about doing, instead of HAVING to do!

Now, for the half way measurements!!!

Measurements Before:
(June 23rd)
Arms:  Left 17" Right 17.5"
Thighs: Left 30" Right 30" Circumference 43.5"
Hips: 58"
Waist(measured below tatas): 46"
Chest(tatas): 52"

Measurements Half Way:
(July 7th)
Arms: Left 16.5"  Right 17"
Thighs: Left 30" Right 30" Circumference 43.5"
Hips: 57"
Waist: 43.5"
Chest: 52"

Total in 15 days: Overall 4.5" inches!

I know some could lose more. I know I could lose more if I ate really well and did it the days I missed BUT to know I lost 4.5" is awesome!!! Now to see where I end up at the end of this! Only 15 more days to go! July 22nd isn't that far away!

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