Wednesday, May 22, 2013

Update on 30 Before 30!

So Far I have:
  1. Do a 5K (4 actually! With 5 more planned!)
  2. Second holes in ears
  3. Run for school board (and now on school board for 4 yrs!)
  4. Run for Policy Council (I got elected since someone quit and being on school board, I can't run for next year now)
  5. Learn to cook something new (Do this a lot lately! Been cooking once a month!)
  6. Read one book a month (sometimes more right now!)
  7. Slumber party with the kids (John was gone for 3 days, so it was a LONG slumber party!)
  8. Wichita Grand Opera's "Don Pasquale" (was last weekend, AMAZING!)
  9. Take a cooking class (Did the Cook Once workshop with my MIL!)
  10. Random act of kindness (I try to do what I can when I can!)

Still Left To Do:

  1. Go to Sea World
  2. Go to Colorado
  3. Be 200 lbs
  4. Get a passport
  5. Complete couch to 5k
  6. Go ice skating
  7. Go to a concert
  8. Finish one of my stories
  9. Read the whole Bible
  10. Weekend away just John
  11. Get professional pics taken
  12. Dirty Girl Race in Wichita 7/13
  13. Watch The Godfather
  14. Learn to play chess
  15. Learn Spanish
  16. Date night at the Warren Balcony
  17. Find all pineapples in Psych
  18. Take a train ride
  19. Go to the dentist (if you know me, this is HARD one!)
  20. Have a 30th Bday party!!!

I have a little less than 4 months to go so I better get my butt in gear!

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