Monday, January 23, 2012

Let's Make Some Whoopie!!

Whoopie Pies that is!!! My hubby loves the recipe book I bought awhile back. We have tried the original chocolate with chocolate buttercream and the marshmallow creme. Today however, we decided to change it up and make vanilla whoopie pies with chocolate buttercream :) Best book ever I tell you is Whoopie Pies: Dozens of Mix Em, Match Em, Eat Em Up Recipes! It has been well used and I can tell when I open it up and have flour, powdered sugar, and who knows what other ingredients in it!!

I forgot to take a picture while mixing it up and baking it, but figured you would want to see more of the after pictures anyways :)




The recipe says it can make up to 48 2 inches whoopie pies to make 24 sandwiches. I was able to make 32 pies so 16 sandwiches total. I think they are more like 4 inches then 2 inches! I definitely made the husband's night! Hit the spot for him!

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