Tuesday, December 30, 2014

Transformation Tuesdays Week #52

Well, it's a year later since I decided to do Transformation Tuesdays. What did I learn about myself?

  • I have no self control
  • I am a VERY emotional eater
  • I try to do something and when I fail, food is my go to
  • I DEFINITELY don't follow through like I need to
  • In a year of ups and downs with weight, I only gained 5.2 lbs at the end of it
  • I lost my motivation
  • I lost my drive
  • I am running out of excuses
The last one is the one I am focusing on. I AM RUNNING OUT OF EXCUSES. I don't like being overweight. It's not the way people are towards me, it's how I am towards myself. When I lost weight down to 260, I didn't look much different BUT I had confidence in myself. I FELT sexy. I didn't care what others thought AND I didn't care what I thought about myself as I thought I looked great! I think that is to be my theme this coming year, finding myself again and making myself feel healthy, well, and so confident in myself. I'm planning on writing up my New Year's Resolutions and posting them. I would hate to think I fail them but I know I truly am what is holding myself back at this time!

Starting (January 7); 278.4
Week 2 (Jan 14): 279.0
Week 3 (Jan 21): 280.8
Week 4 (Jan 28): 278.8
Week 9 (Mar 4): 281.4
Week 16 (Apr 22): 285.8
Week 20 (May 20): 281.4
Week 21 (May 27): 281.4
Week 22 (Jun 3): 283.0
Week 23 (Jun 10): 283.2
Week 24 (Jun 17): 282.6
Week 25 (Jun 24): 282.0
Week 26 (Jul 1): 281.2
Week 27 (Jul 8) 280.4
Week 42 (Oct 14): 275.0
Week 43 (Oct 21): 277.6
Week 52 (Dec 30): 283.6

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