Tuesday, February 11, 2014

Break Time Almost Over!

My little hiatus is almost over! I think I am finally getting things back in control so that I can get back to blogging regularly again! I am hoping to get a freezer meal up for y'all next Monday as I have an itch to do some freezer meals to help save some money and time! I have a few volunteers that want to do it too, so I'm thinking a freezer meals party might be happening soon! I hope to get a picture for wordless Wednesday up for y'all tomorrow and then Thursday I am going to share my favorite cookie recipe in the house right now, BLACK AND WHITES! I am loving my Joanne Fluke books right now and it is so hard not to try all the recipes in the books! This one I have made twice now and tweaked a bit to my liking and everyone that has tried one is in love.......now you will have to wait until Thursday to hear and see about it!! Hope y'all are having a great week! It will warm up this week!! Woohoo!

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