Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Mommy and Me Time

A while back I found this neat paper that has questions to ask your child. You can record their answers and see how they change every month, year, etc. I don't know how often I will do it but it has been neat to see the answers I get! Today my oldest and I were the only ones up for nap time which seems to NEVER happen anymore. My little boy, only being one, is the only one that is happy to try and take a nap! Here are her answers :)

How old are you?: um.......*then shows me 3 fingers*

What is your favorite color?: blue

Who is your best friend?: Topher and Ryla

What is your favorite animal?: kitties like Lilo and Sassy, I miss them

What do you want to be when you grow up?: Dora

What is your favorite movie?: Lots of movies like Ariel

What is your favorite book?: Ariel

What makes you happy?: Daddy

What makes you sad?: scratches and lots of hurts like spankings, that makes me so sad!

What is your favorite food to eat?: MACARONI!

What is your favorite song to sing?: Cat and the fiddle and skinamarinky do

What game do you like to play?: Ariel and Dora games

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