Monday, November 28, 2011

Sick Time

How do you know you have a geeky family? When they are sick, they play video games of course!

Not even 4 and all she wants to do is play her Dora game on the Wii! Daddy took her to the doctor and we don't know if its a virus or bacterial infection so she is on antibiotics and we will see how see gets in the next day or two. If she gets better, then we know if (or should I say WHEN!) anyone else gets sick if its the waiting game or going to the doctor. You could tell that she's not feeling well though poor thing :( BAD runny nose (she keeps saying she has a bloody nose!) coughing, a slight fever and pale. I am hoping she feels MUCH better tomorrow! I don't like my kiddos being sick!

Song of the day: Mah Na Mah Na by the Muppets I totally and completely blame this on their daddy! He was playing it the other day and showed it to them and this is all they want to see and hear! It is getting a bit annoying! I know they will move on to something else soon like always, but I do find it interesting how the muppets are moving on to a whole new generation!

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