Thursday, March 8, 2012


I don't even know what to call this post. I have gotten so far behind again :( There are many things I have been saying I would keep up with and not find myself back in a rut. Well, I guess I am back in a bad rut again. Depression is not a fun thing. I am finding I have my good days and my bad weeks. Its been a few bad weeks, maybe a month now. Today I woke up feeling a bit better and ready to take on the day. House work is the main target today. I hate how bad the house has gotten again. I will not show pictures as it will not pretty pretty and will probably make me feel worse.  Lets just say its not as bad as some houses but worse than a lot of others. Trying to find a balance between all this crazy madness and then including my head is a tough battle. I was on pinterest, my latest getaway drug, and found a couple great cleaning schedules. I put a bit of one together for myself and then printed it out. Its on my fridge and looks all pretty. Now, the goal is by this weekend to get the house completely caught back up to where I can actually do the list and then see how it goes. I am hoping it will bring the cleaning down to none like the marathons it feels I do when we are cleaning up.

Cleaning Schedule

·         Make beds
·         Wipe down bathroom counters
·         Empty dishwasher
·         Load laundry
·         Load dishwasher
·         Unload laundry
·         Wipe down kitchen counters
·         Take out trash
·         Quick sweep or vacuum
·         Spot clean floors
·         Declutter living areas
·         Chore of the Day (below)

MONDAY            Deep vacuum/sweep
TUESDAY           Clean mirrors and windows
WEDNESDAY      Scrub toilets and tubs
THURSDAY         Mop the floors
FRIDAY              Organize and Laundry day

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